Store-Bought Softness

I went and bought a package of the iced and sprinkled sugar cookies. These are about the only store-bought cookie out there that I like. Scratch that-I LOVE these things. They are the perfect texture of springy softness with, of course, unreal sweetness. Topped off with none other than icing and colored sprinkles. Hurray! It’s time to party like a kiddie again with a cookie in each hand. Doing the dance even before the sugar starts to kick in. I don’t even make it home without ripping open the packaging to eat two of them on the drive home. The unbelievably sweet first bite is divine. The next bites, although good, were not that spectacular.
As a side note- I am a homemade cookie kind of girl. I don’t even try the store bought stuff usually because I love my own so much. Butterscotch bliss and Chocolate Chip Love-I named them, yes I did. I actually like the raw dough almost more than the baked product. That’s another blog for another day…
Anyway, I remember why I started first eating these things. I was with a guy who ate these fabulous little joy circles back in my college days. He and I were together for quite a few years and most of our time was spent eating. Luckily we were both exercise nuts so weight was not an issue. The first time I ate those cookies I remember being amazed at the texture-so delightfully soft. Whatever he wanted me to try (food department wise) I was game, even store-bought cookies! Plus, I adored him and eating anything with him made it taste that much better…
Enjoyed that short trip down memory lane. I am not with that guy anymore and that is why the memory trip was short. I stopped it before I stepped into the black forest. These cookies always bring up memories of him, the good times and the not so good. Not healthy for my mind or my current marriage. If that wasn’t reason enough to not buy these things again…
The first ingredient is enriched bleached wheat flour. I think one of MS triggers is gluten and clearly flour is not my friend. The second (can you guess?): powdered sugar! The next one is margarine-I don’t eat that chemical goo-unless, apparently, it’s disguised with sprinkles and softness. There is also partially hydrogenated oils, mono and diglycerides and fake coloring. The label says it contains wheat, milk, eggs and soybeans.
Right now I can’t bring myself to throw away the remaining eight cookies. They sit on the table beckoning me to finish them off, saying this is the last time and enjoy them now.
I have this funny feeling around my eyes right now and the sugar rush is a bit distracting. I can’t really focus on any one thing. It’s like IamgoingtoreadthisbookandohlookthereistheskyandnowIwillpetthedogandwhatarewegoingtodotodayandwhereismyshoe….On and on in this unending swirl of activity in my head. Gracious. Is this sugar-induced ADD?
A half and hour or so later I have a headache that starts right behind my eyes and is in the back of my head too. Annoying. I end up having the headache for the rest of the day and notice I want more of these sugar laden treats in my mouth. All self-control has completely gone out of the window-along with my calmness and sanity (not that I had much to spare I the first place!).
Is this the way I used to feel all the time or have I become more aware and sensitive?
The taste of the processed white stuff is not really worth this feeling…

One thought on “Store-Bought Softness

  1. I love those things, too! There is something totally magical about them, not to mention they are soooooo addicting. I haven't bought them in years. If I did, they wouldn't make it the five minutes between the grocery store and home.

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