Refrigerator Coils & A Mystery Solved

It is time to take care of the coils behind my fridge. Had to wait for Mr. B to come home so he could move it away from the wall. Of course, I had to take the stuff off of the top and of course that needed to be wiped down. Amazing how one job inevitably turns into another-at least the “extra” job only took a step stool, a rag, some water and my elbow grease.

As the fridge was slowly moved away from the wall I gasped at what I saw! Yuck yuck yuck!!! Who cleans this house?! (oh yeah, I do but apparently not behind the giant appliance). There was a tootsie roll midgie (vanilla flavored-the best kind), a battery (from a timer that had fallen apart), numerous large hair balls (bigger than most of the dogs I have) and something else completely unidentifiable.

There was also-I can’t believe it-two pieces of art! Mr. B had asked me long ago where they had gone and I had no idea. I thought I was losing my mind and maybe I had “misplaced” them somewhere (like the trash can) because I did not like them or something. That wasn’t the case at all-they had fallen behind the fridge between it and the coils. That could not have been good for efficiency!

Vacuuming the coils with the draper attachment (I think that is what it is called) I could not believe how much dust (pictured above in my Dyson canister) was on the coils and how HOT they were! Done with the vacuuming, cleaned up the floor and back to it’s spot the big white beast went.
Mr. B said it should be vacuumed every six months. I cannot remember the last time I cleaned up behind there so by posting this I will be able to know how long ago it really has been!

So, don’t forget to clean behind the big white beast!

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