After Cabinets

This is the end result-beautiful! Space! A breath of fresh air!

I used Kerr jars to hold all of my dry good goodies (raw nuts, beans, dark chocolate squares & popcorn seed). They look so awesome-all lined up and the same. Plus, no labels really needed because I can see what is in them. Just in case, I did put labels on the bottom of the jars to keep the nice uncluttered clear glass look. Fabulous. $8.88 at Shop n Save for all twelve of them. Bargain!

I still have some canned goods-olives, organic pumpkin, honey and some other miscellaneous items. That’s on the second shelf too.

I stashed all of my spices in a two baskets (that match my kitchen in green and yellow). The smaller baskets holds the “sweet” spices and extracts. The bigger one stores the “savory” spices. Too easy!
The two red baskets on the top shelf hold his and hers vitamins. Easy to grab out and take the ones you need in the day.
I ended up having an extra shelf after clearing it of my baking goods. I am no longer going to be using processed sugar and flour in my cooking so that made for a TON of room. Small appliances fit nicely there and very easily accessible for use. No excuse for not chopping up lots of veggies for snacking.
The bottom shelf holds two huge stock pots-they will probably get a new home someday since I do not use them that often. There is a small fryer on that shelf too-Mr. B wants to make his own doughnuts so I need to have that ready when inspiration strikes him!

All in all a very good way to spend about an hour and $8.88!! Gizmo is happy and relaxed too!


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