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Great read and listening!

I recently finished the book Made from Scratch: a Memoir by Sandra Lee and completed listening to the audio of Simple Abundance: Living by Your Own Lights by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Great stuff!

I have a list on Listography of books that I want to read-ones suggested by others, references from other books and/or heard about from a podcast. The library has this fantastic program-log onto the website, request a book, they get it to the library closest to you, they send you an email when it’s in and you go there an pick it up. Ingenious!! Sandra Lee has been on the list for a while so I decided it was time to delve into the realm (or at least one book) of memoirs.

I was impressed by how fast and engaging the story was. I am not usually too much into reality because it tends to not end well (no happily ever after most of the time) and there is a lot of little pains instead of one big dramatic scene. Her life story was no exception but her successes are what impressed me more. She has sold Just like in real life, success and pain tend to ride in on the same train. Ms. Sandra wrote in a voice that sounded similar to her own-short sentences and clear truth. She is fun to watch on Food Network-making meals out of mixes from the cupboard and fresh ingredients to save time and still taste fantastic (and not like it came out of a box). Her website is fun to see-she has so many ideas for tablescapes! I encourage you to pick up this book and enjoy!

For the next book Simple Abundance, I decided to go the audio route. Unfortunately, it was on a cassette tape-old school! Luckily, I still have a tape player around. I placed the player in my kitchen so when I was in there cooking, doing dishes and planning meals I could listen in. I encourage every woman to listen (or read) this book. She talks about being present and enjoying the activities you do everyday (your “daily round” as she calls it). She encourages you to take out the nice china, be thankful and take pleasure in the little things around you. She has six principles-gratitude, simplicity, order, harmony, beauty and joy. She has a site too that is a pleasure to visit. I think I will put on my list to read this book as well, I don’t think I picked up as much listening as I would have reading it. There is a lot of wonderful things contained in her writings!

The power and importance of telling one’s story and sharing one’s insights is priceless. Enjoy a book (or listening) today!


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