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Big Green Purse

I just finished reading the book: Big Green Purse: Use your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World. A worthwhile read, packed with information and resources for the woman wanting to make her life cleaner and greener-that’s me!

The author, Diane Maceachern, did an excellent job at explaining the why, what, how and where in many areas of life-cleaning, cosmetics, home, clothing, baby stuff, transportation and more.
The Why-Why is it so important to practice more sustainable methods of doing things? For our health, for ourselves, for the future of course!
The What-What needs to change, what can we do about the things that need to change? What to do?!
The How-How can we change?
The Where-Resources galore!

The major point behind this book (I thought) was our dollars as ladies drive this economy. Women spend 85 cents of every dollar in the marketplace. That is some serious power! Start voting with your dollar by purchasing products that are going to help us in the long and short term. When asked “what can I possibly do to help save the entire planet?”-here is your answer: buy smart.

Throughout the book there was quite a few recurring themes when tackling each area of our lives that needs greening:
1. Use Less-remember the three R’s from grade school-the first one, and most important, is REDUCE! Buy less stuff.
2. Read the Label-be an informed and educated consumer. The days of picking something off the shelf because the packaging is pretty are over. There is a label back there that lists important things like ingredients, where it was made and if the packaging is recyclable. Check it out!
3. Choose Fewer Ingredients-while you are looking at the label notice how many ingredients are listed on some products. Choose the one with the least amount and preferably with the ingredients you can pronounce.
4. Pick Less Packaging-we sure do love our protected in plastic, cellophane and cardboard products don’t we? Instead, buy in bulk, bring your own bags when shopping and find products that are refillable. Step away from the packaging.
5. Buy Local-help your community by keeping your dollars in it. Support those around you-farmers markets, artisan jewelry, local restaurants (owned by someone who lives here, not the big corporation types) and more. Get out there-preferably by bike or foot-and meet those in your neighborhood wanting to provide for you.
6. Buy Organic-maybe this does not fit into your budget but small changes are better than no change. Choose the items you put into and on your body without the pesticides, the other –cides, and guilt. Organic practices are usually good for the product, the people who work to get the product to you and of course the earth.

Bottom line-you CAN do something. Vote with your dollar and change the world!

The book has a site too at BigGreenPurse.com


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