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Inspiration from Others

I sent this to a friend to let her know how she inspires me. Maybe you could send a note to someone who inspires you?!
From Me: The word of the week is inspiration so I was thinking about those (ladies mostly) who inspire me and I thought of you! Wrote about you in my journal and thought you should know about it!Inspiration for me-she is glamorous, chic, trendy yet her style is her own, a mix of pin-up girl & modern urban woman. She has style & taste. She does yoga & ballet & is a vegetarian. She laughs & talks loudly-enjoying it. She travels, has a career yet still seems to make time for herself, her friends & husband.What drives her? Who/what inspires her?Enjoy!

Reply from Her: “Omg! Thank you! What a great thing to open up and read! You made my day! I am inspired by being as happy as I can be and I try to live for now and not for later! Hence the travel! No one should put travel on hold! I try to be the best person I can be so it affects everyone. I am inspired by the words of the elderly. So much to be learned from those in their prime! Love history and I think that influences my travel and decisions I make in life! You are one unique vivacious lady yourself! Always a positive energy and always happy to be around!!! To put it simply you are a joy to be around! Thanks again for all the great compliments!!!!!!!:)”


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