Food I Miss

DQ Blizzard
Raw Cookie Dough
Candy corns-although I have had a bit of these in the past month. I love them but I notice I do not feel very well after eating them and then I just want more and the cycle continues!
I do not know if it’s because I have not had sugar in a while and I don’t remember feeling this way or because I have not had it in a while and I am more sensitive to it but goodness!! When I have a little bit now I feel like I am on drugs. I cannot concentrate and my focus is out the window, along with my head that feels like it is no longer attached to my body. The cheapest high ever! However, along with that is a headache right behind my eyes and in the back of my head. Not a fun feeling. That “cheap” high is not inexpensive to say the least. Sugar feeds disease-any kind not just MS.


One thought on “Food I Miss

  1. Um, I could have written this. I LOVE, like you, to bake…but it's a dangerous hobby. A little taste here and there makes me sick for the entire day. I hate diabetes!! Oh, and DQ Blizzards, esp cookie dough, are my favorite. I tried to make my own cookie dough bits once out of Splenda. It was horrible.

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