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Word of the Week-Anger

How did the new habit go? Hopefully well and keep in mind you have to keep doing the new habit for about 30 days for it to become a habit that will stick. Keep doing it!

The word of this week is anger. We all have felt it some time or another and some of us feel it frequently. This week the focus is on the AWARENESS of ANGER. Not trying to suppress, control or vent it. Notice it. Label it. Move on. Realize anger is a common human emotion.

Monday-Think of all the things that make you angry about someone you love. This is not for them to see, it is for you. If writing it down helps it get out of your head, then do so. Take a brisk walk, let the anger dissipate before giving your loved one a hug. Realize they have a list too.
“In a controversy, the instant we feel anger, we have already ceased striving for truth and have begun striving for ourselves”-Abraham J. Heschel

Tuesday-Notice the next time you get angry how your body responds. Did you know the body feels anger before your brain registers it? Your chest & stomach tighten, your heart races and your body clenches up.

Wednesday-Try to answer this question today: Where do you feel anger the most in your body?

Thursday-Take responsibility. The next time you are angry, put the way you feel in “I statements” (I feel…, I don’t like it when…, etc) rather than what someone has done to you. Don’t be the victim-take responsibility for your emotions. “For every minute you are angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday-Meditate. Having a calm center helps you to stay stable in an unstable world. There is even an Idiots Guide to Short Meditations!

“When angry, count to four. When very angry, swear” -Mark Twain Laughter is good against anger too!

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3 thoughts on “Word of the Week-Anger

  1. Kristy Wilson-You have to let go of anger or it will consume you. Letting go is hard to do. I know where my anger comes from and its a work in progress to let it go. But since slowly letting go I have become a happier person.Wed at 5:54pm From FacebookThanks Kristy-so true!

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