Stress Busters

Some stress busters for body and mind!

Back-sit in a chair and place a tennis ball in the area where you feel tension. Take long, deep breaths as you lean firmly against the ball. Close your eyes and breathe into the tight spots.

Neck-in a seated position, lower chin to chest and breathe deeply. Slowly, roll head from side to side, guiding ear to shoulder. Inhale to one shoulder, exhale back to center. Letting weight of head release and relax your neck muscles.

Shoulders-stand or sit with arms at sides, palms facing in. Lift shoulders as you inhale deeply; exhale as you press shoulders down. Tension as you inhale, let go as you exhale.

Feet-roll feet over a small ball (like the tennis ball). You control the pressure by how much weight you apply to the ball.

Overall-breathe deeply. Deep breathing provides extra oxygen into your bloodstream and expels toxins from your body. Also helps to relax and allows for an even distribution of your body’s energy.

Find some Chair Yoga here. Relaxation poses you do while sitting down.

Never forget the power of your breath and having awareness of your body.


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