Less Meat but More Protein

In trying to eat more protein and less carbohydrates, I found this information helpful when also trying to eat less animal products.
Elminate meat just one day a week and reap these benefits: 1. Better health-animal foods are among the largest sources of saturated fats in our diet. Cutting out meat also encourages you to consume more veggies. Between taking out the meat and adding more veggies you will cut your risk of heart disease and stroke 2. Money saved-The average cost of a pound of sirloin is $6.20, compared with 90 cents for a 15 oz can of beans. (U.S. Department of Agriculture) 3. Healthier planet-livestock industry creates almost a fifth of all greenhouse gases and takes up 30% of the earth’s usable land (from a United Nations Report)
1. Beans-lentils, chickpeas, kidney, white, or black beans. Toss in pasta salad, chilies and tacos
2. Eggs-try a frittata or poached over toast
3. Nuts & seeds-sprinkle on soups, salads and pilafs. Nut butters are great too!
4. Quinoa-a complete protein. Use in place of rice or pasta

I didn’t record the source-boo!


One thought on “Less Meat but More Protein

  1. SOOO funny. I JUST wrote a blog post about our new goal this week: to eat vegetarian. I published and then was reading all my usual blogs, came upon this post, and we wrote about the same thing! Yep. We're cool like that.

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