Misc Chaos

Word of the Week-Forgive

FORGIVE-to cease to feel resentment against, to pardon.
Did you know by not forgiving you are putting yourself at risk for heart attack & a host of other ailments?Be the bigger person and FORGIVE!
ACTION!!!!Monday-think of someone who has hurt you from your past. Write down what happened and let it all out. Then let it go!
Tuesday-forgive your loved one(s). They are doing the best they can too.
Wednesday-time for you. Forgive yourself for not being perfect. No one is, just be YOU. Do something nice for yourself today-self-love!
Thursday-forgive someone at work. Don’t tell them you forgave them, show it through your actions.
Friday-forgive your significant other (if you don’t have one, send the forgiveness to someone else). Figure out what you really need and either take care of it yourself, or let them know (nicely and thankfully).
Now doesn’t your heart feel better?!?!

Did you know?: May is the time to buy athetic apparel & shoes. Yet another reason to exercise & look cute!


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