Misc Chaos

Gremlin’s Story

Gremlin came to us the same way Gizmo did-they were a package deal. Buy one get one half off! Apparently when they first met, Gremlin was NOT nice to Gizmo-she would attack her out of the blue. Eventually that wore off and now Gremlin is attached to Gizmo’s hip. They are together most of the time and sleep together.

Gremlin is not a huge fan of men. She cowers still when you try to pick her up but once she is in your arms you won’t want to let go. She has the most kissable checks and belly. When I talk to her she wags her tail and looks so happy. It’s funny, she will sort of like Mr. B in the mornings but as soon as her morning sleepiness has worn off she growls at him and runs away! They can spend all morning on the couch watching cartoons together but as soon as noon time rolls around-he becomes her worst enemy. She only has four teeth but fights and squirms courageously to get away from him. This behavior does not make Mr. B too happy, I just laugh. She is a smart little girl. Unfortunately, I have not been able to make Miss G understand the need to use the outdoors as the bathroom. :sigh: It’s a good thing she is cute.
Since we have had Gremlin she has become more confident, social and needy! She has no problem coming around and demanding attention by putting her paw on your hand or positioning her belly over your open hand for petting. I love it when she falls asleep on my belly and snores so loudly for such a little dog. Blissful moments with Gremlin!

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