Misc Chaos

Jack’s Belly Band

I did it all by myself! I made it! I drew blood and everything for it! What was it you ask? A belly band for my dog Jack. You see, Jack likes to lift his leg and mark on the corners, doorjambs and edges of objects in my house. This makes me very sad. I don’t like to clean up pee. Yuck. So, instead of pitching Jack outside all the time or keeping him locked up in a kennel, I made him a belly band. Thank you to my neighbor for the pattern to go by. Her daughter-in-law has numerous Pugs (she rescues them and has some of her own) and goes to meet-ups to hang out with other Pug-loving people. Since they don’t want to spend the evening cleaning up after their male furry friends, they have the dogs wear belly bands to contain the urine. Ingenious! Jack has one all of his own now.

Upon seeing Jack making his fashion debut my husband exclaimed-“take that off, you should be ashamed of yourself, run away Jack, it looks like a clown threw up on you!” So much for spousal support.

Jack looks pretty happy in his picture-wear it proud little man!!

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