Dog Tales

Peanut’s Story

Peanut came to Mr. B from a family that could not train her to potty outside. A challenge for Mr. B and one he was up for. After many months of being put in a crate and only allowed outside for pottie time and supervised play indoors, the pottie thing was finally mastered. She was an excellent student-even learned to pee and poop on command!

Peanut was originally named Cheyenne, not a name Mr. B particularly cared for. He liked Peanut because she was the color and size of a nut. She arrives shortly after her name has been called or a special whistle from Mr. B. A noise I have not mastered, hence the never coming to me when called!

Aside from finally learning to pottie outside, she has only changed with age by becoming more lazy and has even stinkier breath. Miss Nut has taught Mr. B to be a little “softer”-being the father figure was an experienceb teaching her and watching her grow. She also taught him that even thought kisses may be stinky-they can still be sweet!

Peanut came with Mr. B-another package deal. I didn’t know that when I said “I Do” I got a dog with the deal too! Little Nut-the disobedient teenager that you still love despite their personality. She does not listen to me at all, never has and probably never will. She stays in her bed most of the time to sleep and stay warm. She always comes out for time with Mr. B, her “grandpa” and the neighbor. All guys, all carry her around like a little baby. She loves the warmth and deep voices I guess. Peanut seems to like wearing sweaters-the warmth thing again and is an excellent walker-if you can pull her out of her bed long enough to do so. Little warm Nut!

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