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Word of the Week-Community

What is the purpose of what you do? I thought about it for a bit and one word that came to mind was community, and now it is the word of the week!

Community (from Wikipedia). Since the advent of the Internet, the concept of community no longer has geographical limitations, as people can now virtually gather in an online community and share common interests regardless of physical location.

We were born to unite with our fellow men, and to join in community with the human race. -Cicero

Hurray for the Internet bringing people together!
Monday-check out what is going on in your community. Call your library, check out your town’s site or look around at boards in grocery stores. You will probably be surprised at all the fun things going on around you

Tuesday-visit MeetUp.com. Type in your interest and find a meet up in your area-meet people who have the same interests, likes or obsessions. Enjoy the new community built on a common interest!

Wednesday-build a social community via the Internet. YouTube (it’s me doing yoga-join me!), Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and the list goes on and on. These sites are great for finding people with common interests and build or join a group and watch it grow!

Thursday-Volunteer! Find something to do on the web, call your local theatre, museum or garden and see if they need an extra hand. Hospitals, nursing homes and more would love for your help. Volunteer your time to help build your community.

Friday-try community transit! Can you believe there is an inexpensive, environmentally-friendly and relaxing way to travel. It’s true! Just a little bit of planning can get you just about anywhere. Bring a book and enjoy the ride-meeting you community while getting to where you want to!

I am a part of all that I have met. -Alfred Tennyson

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