Dog Tales

Annabelle’s Story

We (Mr. B and I) were renting a condo and Annabelle showed up at our door one day, covered in fleas and missing hair from itching. She had tags, so I found her owner and took her back home. The owner explained how she climbed the chain-link fence and ran around the neighborhood. My mom and I went to play tennis after we dropped her off and wouldn’t you know?! After we returned to the condo, so had Annabelle. We talked to her owner and he wanted her gone, turns out she was his son’s dog and the son had moved and had not taken her with him. She slept in the garage the first night because she was so badly infested with fleas-poor itchy girl. After a bath and lots of time with a flea comb, she was flea free and in the house ruling the roost. She has the sweetest personality but does what she wants. She loves to swim and chase geese in the water-she never catches them but they enjoy the game and so does she. She also thoroughly enjoys snow. She stands still and lets it fall on her and also loves to run around in it, scooping it up in her mouth and eating it. Yum and fun!

Annabelle has taught me the importance of time alone and being sweet. She likes time by herself and comes around when she wants some scratching, and then she is gone again. She has the sweetest face, the softest kisses. Sweet Belle!

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