Misc Chaos

Gizmo’s Story

Gizmo was originally my brother’s dog. He had found her on petfinder.com under an organization called Flawed Dogs. They rescue animals from puppy mills. Usually, at about the age of 8, puppy mills “dispose” of the dogs that were having all the babies. Gizmo was found at about a year old, maybe she couldn’t have puppies. Her original name was Happy. I understand why, when she is excited about something (usually food or going outside) she radiates happiness. My brother’s roommate decided to rename her to Gizmo to go with her friend Gremlin. The name fits her ok I guess. Puff would have been more appropriate! The owner of the place where my brother was living decided to change his mind about letting the tenants have dogs so my brother had to find his two little friends a home. I said I would take them and our pack of two doubled overnight!

Since Gizmo has lived with us she has become more confident and social. Both her and Gremlin used to stay cowered in the corner of our kitchen, not now though! Gizmo loves to get attention, be carried around and taken for short walks. She is still more like a cat than a dog. She sits at the top of the couch and watches the world go by, likes to lick her paws and face like a cat and always has to have the last word. No bark!
Gizmo has taught me to be whatever I want to be and stand tall with that decision. She is a little strange but still carries it well. Mr. B especially loves to talk through Gizmo in this cute little voice that seems to fit her well. Silly girl Gizzy!!

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