Misc Chaos

Jack’s Story

While working the desk at a local pet hospital, a woman approached me, distraught & distressed about finding a home for a Rat Terrier she had found. Unable to keep the dog for whatever reason, she wanted to find him a place to stay. I provided her with numbers to local shelters & told her if she couldn’t find anyone or any place to take him, to call me & I might take him. Well, she made the calls and everywhere was full (this was not long after Hurricane Katrina and many pets needed a place to stay). That same afternoon she returned with the little guy, tears in her eyes, & asked me to take him. I semi-reluctantly said yes, thinking I could find him a home and he had place to stay with me while I did so. Needless to say, he has not been adopted, except maybe by us!

I wanted to name him Gooch-love that name! Unfortunately, he never answered to the name so we started calling him Jack. He actually listens to that name and comes when he is called. Mostly because people thought he was a Jack Russell Terrier. Later I said it was because of his “jacked-up” knees. His nickname is Jack-a-Loupe because he can jump anywhere despite his bad knees.

He has always been, and still continues to be, the sweetest lap dog ever. If you are sitting down, he is right there next to or on top of you. He loves beings around people and has a little nub of a tail that never stops wiggling when you talk to him. Jack makes me smile whenever I see him because he is so happy all the time. Can’t help but grin when you see his stub tail and behind wriggling. He has the sweetest face (unfortunately not the sweetest breath…) and most friendly personality.
I suppose Jack has found his forever home, in my heart.

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