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Hello Seniors-Part II

In a yoga class, and in life, breath is of the utmost importance-a life force. Without it, well, we wouldn’t be doing much of anything!

3 Part Yogic Breath-place on hand on chest and the other on your belly button. Breath in and our of your nose with face and shoulders relaxed. As you inhale, fill your belly, lungs & then chest with air. As you exhale, empty your chest, lungs & then belly. By filling your belly, you are using your diaphragm and activating your parasympathetic nervous system. This system tells your body to relax. Take pleasure in your breath-always with you and always taking care of you.

Continue to breathe deeply and notice the pause between your inhale & exhale. A small moment between breaths. There is a pause in everything that happens to you. The gap between action & reaction leaves you with time to make a choice. Use this time wisely! Know that you have choice and personal responsibility to each & every decision you make. You are able to respond wisely, intelligently & rationally.

Some exercises to relax & notice the breath:

Palming-sitting tall, close eyes & rub palms of hands together briskly to create warmth. Keeping eyes close, gently cup palms over eyes and enjoy the warmth and relaxation your warm hands offer.

Mountain Pose-choose to sit or stand in this pose.

Seated-move to the edge of your seat, feet flat on floor. Standing-feet hip distance apart.

Lengthen top of head toward ceiling. Arms straight and relaxed. Reach fingers toward floor with palms facing forward. Feel the balance between your fingers reaching to the ground and your head reaching to the sky. Grounded, confident & strong.

Yoga Philosophy for Life: Inhale & Exhale, notice the pause in between. There is a pause between Action & Reaction too.

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