Misc Chaos

Books Read Recently

These books were on the list to read, I requested them and here is what I thought of them:
* Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver (audio book)-very good. It inspired me to continue this path of making my own food items, questioning this food “system” we are in and appreciate my local providers. The author’s voices are so relaxing, it kept me nice and calm while driving.
* The Good Women of China Xinran-this book was a very hard read and I only got through the first 20 pages. It was about a woman who had a radio show and spoke with the women of China after some of the governmental craziness had lifted. She spoke to women who had been gang-raped, shamed & shunned by their families and molested by fathers. Tough read. I prefer a bit more positive things in my reading library. However, it definitely gave me a new perspective on how fortunate we are as Americans both women and men.
* The Guinea Pig Diaries by A.J.Jacobs (audio book). This was hilarious-read by the author (with his wife chiming in). He tried living honestly for a while-brutal and with no filter on his thoughts, pretty hilarious. He also lived like George Washingston-stoic and proud. Plus many more.

*Unlimited Power Anthony Robbins (Tape Recording). Old school tape, listened to it while washing the dishes. Nice and empowering!

* The Power of Purpose (CD Recording). Love Les Brown. Always inspired by him and charged up! I’m huuuungry!!


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