Misc Chaos


I don’t understand why I have SO MUCH STUFF. Specifically, stuffed animals. I have an obscene amount of these furry dust-collectors. When I was little I had a dream of an entire room devoted and filled with my fuzzy friends. I am well on my way!

I have Cabbage Patch dolls from back in the day, Pound Puppies (one of them I “earned” by kicking my thumb sucking habit), a Popple (turn her inside out and she is a ball), a Wrinkles (a puppet of a dog complete with a wrinkly face) and a Nosy Bear (a bear with a snow globe like nose filled with plastic hearts and water). I have a bunny I named Bun-Bun that has been with me for as long as I can remember. I have bought enough Build-A-Bears to have my own shop. I have an angel bear (complete with wings) that I absolutely adored as a child because it was so soft. However, after a lice break out, it had to be washed, its fur never the same…There are lions, tigers and bears. Koalas, guerillas, elephants, a flamingo and giraffes. There are seals, bunnies, moose and dogs. I even have walruses! Turtles, cows, lambs, monkeys, a squirrel, bees, frogs and penguins. A groundhog, prairie dog (my favorite animal of all time) and a warthog. I have Eeyore, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert & Ernie, Kermit the Frog and Elmo. Hello Kitty and Ms. Green M&M complete the list of famous animals.

I used them to decorate for the seasons-Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Winter, Spring. I sleep with one every night. I have them in my bedroom, in my closet, in my office and in my living room. They are EVERYWHERE! Mr. B said he does not have any feelings toward them. He believes I need things around that make me happy. So if I have a lot of them I will be a lot of happy is his logic. Very sweet and understanding-thanks Mr. B!

This has come to the surface because I want a “grown-up” office. I want the small desk with the laptop upon it. An exercise ball as a chair, a small filing cabinet and bookshelves. A place that is serene and creative. I still would like to have some stuffed animals in the space, but not the quantity I have now. I don’t have a creative solution to showcasing them in a cute way. I thought of shelves from the floor to the ceiling on many of the walls. All around stuffed animals. A bit much and definently not calming. What to do? I can’t stand seeing stuffed animals at Goodwill-they want a home!

I have it figured out! Here is my closet/bookshelf of happiness!!

One thought on “Purge

  1. I sleep with my Care Bear every night—and I have NO SHAME about it! I'm not a huge stuffed animals fan b/c of the clutter and they can harbor lots of yucky stuff—BUT, it looks like you found a clean, organized, and happy way to store yours. And you know, if it makes you happy and makes your days better, why not?

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