Dog Tales

My Darling Clementine-and Cinnamon!

While visiting the parental homestead this past March, a calf made its way into my parent’s barn. A farmer who raises Angus, and the pastor of their local church, had a cow who delivered twins. In the cow world, only one twin is chosen and the other is left to well, die. The pastor didn’t want this little one to meets its end so soon but he had too many cows and calves to take care so my parents became the new lucky guardians. She was only a day old, had been left in the elements since her birth and had not learned how to eat yet. Standing up was a challenge and drinking from a bottle was completely foreign (drinking from another cow was just as strange). After several attempts, positions and corn syrup she finally drank from a bottle. I named her Clementine because my mother loves to sing and even though the song isn’t about happy times, it still sounds lovely. She only weighed about 40 pounds when she arrived (about half the size of a single birth) and is covered in soft hair. Boney but huggable. Apparently, when I left my parent’s house a few days later, she did not want to eat and was not doing so well. Luckily, the pastor returned with some Vitamin B12 and a tube for feeding and within one night she was up and moving around. She is doing great now, curious, playful and so cute (so I hear). The other cow pictured is Cinnamon.
Oh my darling Clementine! I miss you and can’t wait to see you soon.


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