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Hair au Natural

When I was younger I had very light blond hair. As I got older it got darker-“dirty blond” (I hate that description by the way). However, my eyebrows were always MUCH darker than my hair color. As much as my hair lightened with the sun during the summer, eyebrows stayed the same. Others thought I had been dying my hair all along (or coloring-you dye eggs, color hair). So when I got hired on at Sally Beauty Supply I started to try out color. I was white blond for a bit, dark red, light pink, dark purple and auburn. What fun to play with color. Looking at the pictures around our house you would think they were of different women-nope just me and my many hair styles. I was known for my ever-changing hair color, crazy nail polish and my love of all things sweet. Well, not anymore sadly. My hair has completely grown out and the color is all mine and I must say…it’s not bad. It has many shades of brown and blond in it. I started dying it originally because I was tired of the multi-colors (especially darker roots in the winter). I guess I am ok with this change.
Still looking for “safer” nail polish though!


One thought on “Hair au Natural

  1. I've been saying (like w/talking on a cell phone while driving—something I DO NOT do anymore) that once we know better, we are resposible for what we do next. We either choose to ignore the truth or we accept it. You've obviously decided to embrace your “au natural” color—and that's fab!

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