Coupons for Grocery Shopping

When you can’t buy local or grow your own then trip to the supermarket might be necessary. Why not save money when you go?!

Listen to Dealista for some awesome tips on saving more money with coupons. She mentioned some great sites for coupons:
These two sites let you find a coupon for a specific product:
CouponMom HotCouponWorld

These sites generate coupons for your next shopping trip:
AFullCup HotCouponWorld Coupons

On these sites you can join communities and talk about all of your money saving tips and tricks. Fun!

Another one mentioned was I had a lot of pop-ups when I viewed this site. Uugh.

Do you know where the word “coupon” comes from?! Blows to the head, decapitation and detaching. Ouch. Enjoy thinking about that the next time you are cutting coupons and smile as you hand them to the cashier! (West Encylopedia and Answers)


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