What IS in the creamy white stuff that we use on our sandwiches, in salads and mixed in many other foods?

In Europe it is served warm with French fries. A BLT wouldn’t be complete without a bit of mayo. Deviled eggs would not be near so evil without it either. Wikipedia had a bunch of interesting information about this common dressing. Oil, eggs and vinegar are the main ingredients with some salt and sugar for added flavor. Simple enough right? How does it have such a long shelf life? Calcium Disodium EDTA. A preservative, of course. Not on my list things I want in my body so I went looking for an alternative. I found it, it’s fabulous. Here’s the recipe:

From the book Natural Beauty at Home by Janice Cox. She calls it Beauty Mayo because you can use it as a face mask too!

1 1/4 c veggie oil 1 tsp salt

1 egg 1/2 c apple cider vinegar

In blender, mix 1/4 c oil, salt & egg. With blender on, slowly pour another 1/4 c oil in a very thin stream while mixture is whirling. Keep blender running. Slowly pour in half of the vinegar in a slow, steady stream. Keep blender running. Slowly pour in another 1/4 c oil followed by the rest of the vinegar. Continue blending. Add rest of oil. Mixture should become thick, white & creamy.

Yield: 16oz

I have used this in my Green Goodness Salad (recipe posted next week) and it tasted fabulous. The white of this mayo is absolutely amazing-blinding! I can’t wait to slather some of it on my face for a moisturizing and cleansing treat!


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