Misc Chaos

Interview of me by Ms. R

1: Please state your name and some info about yourself.
My name is Charity Lamprecht and I have enjoyed many lifetimes, and I am not even 30 yet! I have ran successful businesses (pet sitting, house cleaning, nannying), numerous jobs held, auto-immune disease diagnosed, skills learned and experiences had. From all of this I have found a unique perspective on life. The need to simplify and clean up our lives (and diets) is of utmost importance and I want to share all that I have learned (and will continue to learn) on this journey with others.
2: Why do you blog? And what topics do you blog most about? And who should read your blog?
I blog for therapy, inspiration and clarity. I blog about words that will empower, inspire and excite others to create an extraordinary life. A life others will envy and aspire to have. I blog about food sometimes, homemade goods other times and fun all the time!
3: What issues do you think should be most important to people with chronic conditions and why?
Those with chronic conditions, like those without them, should be focused on ways to best take care of themselves. Self-love, care and empowerment is the best way to thoroughly enjoy life, be the best you can be for others and the world!
4: How can a person who is facing regular life stresses PLUS a chronic disease manage to not only survive but to live well?
Seek clarity on the priorities (specific to the individual) and fearlessly pursuing the things that are most important. No excuses. A disease can be seen as a crutch (slows you down, trips you up) or a catapult (gives you the jolt you need to make changes that will ultimately improve the quality, and quantity, of your life). Choose your perspective. Live your choice.
5: What’s your perspective on life with a chronic condition?
I have allowed it to be both a catapult and a crutch. Being diagnosed with MS has certainly pushed me more to be the best person I can be, right now, and to be the best advocate for me I can be. I have chosen to make MS a part of my story, but not my whole story. I choose to dance with my disease, not let it lead/control my life.


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