What is that?!

Propylene Glycol
While looking through my cabinets for some baking supplies, I happened to read the ingredient label on my extracts and flavorings. One of the first ingredients listed (after water) was propylene glycol. What is that? To the net to search around and well…
It’s used in anti-freeze, hydraulic fluids, and beauty products. says it is generally recognized as safe by the FDA, essentially non-irritating to the skin. It is only acutely toxic to water organisms at high concentrations. I ended up on one site that was using it as a “standard sugar propellant.” Ummm, rocket blast off anyone? puts it on the Orange list (not so great to have around)
Not sure I want that in my body, even in small amounts as flavoring. Out it goes I suppose. Bye Bye flavorings. Until an alternative is found…


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