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Word of the Week-Ritual

Ritual-A ritual is a set of actions, performed mainly for their symbolic value.

By turning something into a ritual, instead of a habit, it takes on more meaning.

Monday-What is your bedtime ritual? The things you do for yourself to help your body get ready for bed? If you don’t have one maybe the time to create one is now…

Tuesday-Are there any religious rituals you take part in? What do they mean to you?

Wednesday-Did you know saying hello and shaking hands are rituals? Do more of each today!

Thursday-At the beginning of each day why not make it a ritual to greet it? Maybe through sun salutations, smiling at the sky or just saying hello to the day? Have this ritual symbolize the starting of a new day. Here is my version of them on video!

Friday-What is your morning ritual? Here is an article on the topic. Create one and do it!!


One thought on “Word of the Week-Ritual

  1. I like Monday's questions. I hate that sometimes I watch TV until I'm so glazed over that I head to bed, but then, of course, I'm restless b/c TV is NO WAY to prepare myself to sleep. I'm trying to make sure I read more and listen to my body. zzzzzzz…..

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