Soap Making 101

Look what I learned how to make today!! Smells so yummy & clean!
I took a soap-making class today with the informative & fabulous Kristine Brown-hurray!
While searching the net for people to meet with similar interests, I visited and came across a group that gets together at least monthly to talk about herbs and all of the ways they can help us. I recognized the organizer of the meetup, Kristine Brown as a woman I had spoken with about the fantastic eye pillows she was selling at the Goshen Market (you can also see her at the Glen Carbon Green Market). The world is small & fabulous! So I RSVP, paid my $20 (vai PayPal, so super easy) and showed up to class with some paper, a pen & excitement for what I was going to learn.
The workshop was held at her home, an old-fashioned farm house surrounded by plants, barns, chickens, lambs and greenery. A friendly dog hung out on the back porch, away from the downpour, greeting everyone with a tail wag. We eager saponification students watched as ordinary ingredients-oils, shortening & lye-turned into thick pudding and poured into molds and soap was made!
I can make my own soap!! Mrs. Kristine made the process seem simple and totally do-able. She also provided us with some great online resources-where to buy the ingredients, some chemical calculators & more. As an added bonus, each us received a “bar” of soap to take home and enjoy. I also met some nice ladies who were full of helpful information about all sorts of things-toothpaste, bunnies, fish & deep-freezers. Totally priceless!

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand. -Chinese Proverb

Another resources I found on web while writing this post:


One thought on “Soap Making 101

  1. wow! thanks for such a great review! i'm happy that you had a great time and learned a lot. i love to teach people how easy it is to make soap and other herby things. 🙂

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