Words of Radiance

Don’t forget DAD!

Father’s Day is coming soon. Are you ready?! If you are the crafty type check out all these great create-it-yourself gifts. Too bad my dad doesn’t used many electronic devices, doesn’t wear a tie or golf. He is a tough one to find something for! Maybe a tick picker or a new pair of muck boots is what he needs!

This week the word will be focused on a particular male individual(your dad, husband, uncle, best friend, mentor, grandpa, etc)-choose wisely!

Monday-talk to him. Ask the man you chose some questions, for example:
What is your favorite childhood memory? What is your favorite candy to munch on?If you could invite anyone (dead or alive)to a BBQ? Who do you look to for advice/guidance?

Tuesday-write a short note explaning at least one thing you find fantastic about the guy you chose. Give him the note.

Wednesday-send your special man a little something. A small gift that would light up a smile when received.

Thursday-get physical. Give this special guy in your life a hug. If he is too far away, send him a coupon for one the next time you see him so he can redeem it.

Friday-now, go out and be the individual you chose for someone else! We could all use another strong, wonderful male in our lives!


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