Yin Yoga & Stinky Pants

Tried my first Yin Yoga class today at Our Health Club & Spa. A totally different style of yoga, but good stuff just the same.
Sitting in the pose for many minutes allows one to experience the pose deeper. I felt like I was more loving towards my body by being in the pose for a longer period of time. Instead of “getting into” a pose or “doing” the pose, I felt like I could lovingly ease my limbs into the different positions. Since I was taking, instead of teaching a class I could fully concentrate on my breath and body. A welcome and wonderful change.

As for the stinky pants? Before leaving for my peaceful moment of yoga, I kept smelling something yucky. The kind of smell you sniff around for to try to find its gross source. It was my pants! Ick! I put on another pair and off to class I went. While sinking into Head to Knee Forward Bend I caught another whiff of the odor. My pants again! Ugh! Slightly distracting…


2 thoughts on “Yin Yoga & Stinky Pants

  1. Charity – You probably know that alot of our clothes are made from oil. For instance, spandex is made from oil sludge – yuk!! At least that's what I have read.. Cotton is starting to look pretty good. Jan

  2. Thanks for the tip Mrs. Jan! I recently found out a lot of laundry detergents have animal fat in them and can make clothes smell too. Yuck!
    The pants had been washed & dried but clean is a relative term apparently…

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