Misc Chaos

Blue Owl Trip

A trip to Kimmswik, MO with friends to eat breakfast at the Blue Owl. Good food, great friends and an all around fabulous time!

Some tips to keep in mind when visiting:
1. Arrive early (9:30 for breakfast)the seats fill up fast-word is out this place is GOOD!
2. Read the story provided on the menu about the woman who started it all-inspiring.
e. If you are afraid of butter this is not the place for you!
4. You will want to stick your entire face into each pie and smear it all over
5. don’t. It’s messy and it is intended for eating-not as face paint but
6. for those of us who choose not to eat baked goods, the fantasy is still fantastic!
7. Leave extra time for browsing around the antique shops in the area
8. Enjoy!!

The giant gumball machine makes me so happy!!!


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