I learned to make butter, among many other things (soap, cottage cheese & pickles) while at the parental homestead this past week. Butter you make yourself is just plain better!! Plus, it’s raw which preserves all the fabulous enzymes.


heavy cream, salt (optional)

food processor, bowl, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, spatula

Set out a square of plastic wrap & a square of aluminum foil. Blend cream in food processor. Watch carefully. It will go through the whipping cream stage (add some sugar at voila, your own whipping cream minus weird fats & flavorings). Then it will become liquidy. Continue to blend until there is a solid form in the center with liquid surrounding it. Remove from food processor. Drain off liquid (buttermilk) and rinse blob of butter with water to remove as much buttermilk as possible. Rinse until water left behind is clear. Sprinkle salt onto butter if desired & work into it. Form into a pattie (flatten a bit for easier stacking capability) and place on a square of plastic wrap. Wrap with foil. Date the foil and freeze or refrigerate. Yumm!!

It’s so easy, who knew?!


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