Throw it AWAY!

Visiting the word Purge yet again. I have allowed clutter to creep back in. Not just the tangible kind of clutter but the mind & body clutter too. I have to get back on the track!

The tangible-It is so much easier to find items that need purging when the t of possibly making some money from its departure. I found quite a few things and while rummaging through my home for items to put in the yard sale I found a box of old shoes I wanted to toss. WAIT! There are places for them to go! and So, I had a shoe drive and offered free yoga to those who donated at Leisure World and Complete Fitness. The events were successful-tons of shoes were donated (see above)! I will be planning a trip to drop off the tennis shoes at a Nike store. The other shoes will be going to the Shoeman’s warehouse, I hope to volunteer for an afternoon when I make my donation.
The mind & body clutter-oh sugar, my arch nemesis and best friend. How I love and hate you. I am thinking about writing a book about you my deadly white substance. I have been indulging a bit much in the white stuff and my brain is letting me know. I feel like I have been living in a fog for the last week or so. I made some Rice & Mallow bars-gluten free but not sugar free. The brown rice cereal from Erewhon and marshmallows. Sorta yummy. I found myself eating them not because they tasted magical (like I remember the ones from childhood tasting) but because I don’t know…foggy brain. I can’t remember things, my husband is speaking to me and the words coming out of his mouth are making sense but not connecting to doing the action he is asking (in one case it involved a very heavy air compressor, a trailer & it tottering on it’s edge, not a good time to loose my mind!). I definitely have memories associated with sugar- good ones. Eating ice cream with my dad. A sweet treat after finishing dinner. A cookie to calm myself down when things got hectic. Candy corns-my favorite treat ever and luckily (ha) are available all year round, not just at Halloween! I can’t really remember what else I ate this week that contained sugar (here is where a food journal would have been super helpful & insightful!) However, I know how I felt all weekend long. Not worth it. It’s interesting. I think I remotely understand alcoholics. They KNOW the liquid is destroying their bodies, their families & ultimately their happiness yet they still drink. I KNOW sugar is feeding my disease, rotting my brain (and teeth) and affecting my mood, yet I STILL WANT IT! Adding insult to injury-my pants fit tighter now! What?! Back to detox, writing in a food journal and walking when I feel the need to eat sugar. :sigh: One step forward, a few steps back.
I also found some other ways to Satisfy Sugar Cravings. Helpful.

A fun read on the subject of candy love-Candy and Me: a Love Story

Some great resources on purging the clutter:

Throw Away Other People’s Trash or, How to Boost your Self-Esteem

FlyLady has something to say about it too!

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