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Protein Supplements

In a continual effort to eat more healthy I started exploring non-animal protein sources. I tried hemp nuts, hemp protein, brown rice protein and pea protein. Shew!

Hemp. Not the “gettin high with a little help from my friend”s kind. Hemp has a TON of protein and is a possible way to stimulate the economy. Hmmm. I found it to taste rather nutty and tended to overpower anything else I added to my shakes. It wasn’t a bad flavor, just unique and very present. I LOVE the hemp nuts though. I sprinkle the on salads and enjoy the different texture they add to my usual greens. Another blogger shared her ideas about her experience with hemp protein here.

Brown rice protein is ok. I like that the one from Jarrow only contains: non-GMO brown rice protein, natural vanilla flavor & guar gum. Easy ingredient list to read and understand. Pour it in! I usually mix mine with water. Not too bad!

I purchased the pea protein at GNC but discontinued its use because it contained soy protein (at the time I chose to avoid soy because of its phytochemicals, however further study has me questioning my choice). It tasted pretty good and could be mixed with water. My brother was the lucky one I passed it on to and I have not heard anything positive or negative from him.

I also purchased the Arbonne (Ms. Celeste is the best!) Figure 8 Chocolate shake mix. It was DELICIOUS! However, one of its main ingredients was sugar (although not processed) and for me and my brain, sugar is not my friend at all. It was so good though….:sniffs:

Don’t know what I will be trying next. Any suggestions?


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