In Season-Fall

Falling leaves. Beautiful autumn colors. Look what is good to eat this time of year!

Brussels Sprouts-look for firm, compact heads with clean stem ends on the smaller side. Store unwashed & tightly wrapped in a plastic bag in veggie compartment of fridge. Last 3-4 days. Cut in half & sautee in oil over med heat until tender (7-10 min). During last minute of cooking, toss in 1 large clove garlic, thinly sliced, & a handful of golden raisins. Can be roasted or blanched.

Grapes-look for plump, unblemished & firmly attached to a flexible stem. Store unwashed in a ventilated plastic bag in fridge. Best within the first 3 days, but will keep for 1 week. Wash thoroughly just before serving & enjoy. Can also freeze.

Apples-look for firm, brightly color & free of bruises. Store best in fruit drawer of fridge. 2 weeks in fridge, 2 days at room temp. Raw, baked, roasted & sauteed.

Broccoli-look for firm with tight, compact florets. Should be even dark green with stalks slightly lighter in color. Refrigerate unwashed in a plastic bag in veggie drawer. Will keep for up to 1 week. Roasted, sauteed, steam, blanched or raw.

Butternut Squash-look for one that is rock solid & heavy for its size. Store in a cool, dry place. Can keep for up to one month. Roast, cook in oven, simmered or saute.

Cauliflower-look for compact, creamy white florets & bright green leaves. Refrigerate unwashed in a plastic bag in veggie drawer. Can keep up to 5 days. Can be blanched, steamed, roasted or served raw

Leeks-look for straight & firm with white bottoms & bright green leaves. Smaller leeks are the most tender. Before storing, cut off & discard dark green tops. Wrap in a plastic bag & place in fridge. Will last 5 days. Wash well just before cooking. Blanch, roast, braise or sautee.

Mushrooms-look for firm & evenly color. Remove from any packaging & store unwashed in a a paper bag or wrapped in a damp paper towel in fridge. Will keep for up to 3 days. Wipe with a damp towel just before using. Raw, broiled, fried, roasted or saute.

Pears-look for smooth & firm. Ripe skin is matter. Unripe skin is shiny. Stan on bottoms & let them ripe at room temp. Refrigerate ripe pears. Eat ripe pears within 2-3 days. Eat raw, bake, roast, saute or poach

Sweet potatoes-skins should be smooth & evenly colored. Store in a well-ventilated, cool, dark place. Will last 2-3 weeks. Broil, roast, grill or bake

Pomegranates-look for large, firm & bright, shiny red skin. Should be heavy for its size. Store at room temp. Will keep for 2-3 weeks at room temp; 2 months in fridge. Juice can be used in drinks, syrups & jellies.

Potatoes-look for firm, smooth potatoes with few eyes. Remove from packaging & palace in a paper bag stored in a well-ventilated, cool dark place. Will last for 2 weeks. Boil, bake, fry, roast, steam.

Citrus (grapefruit, Clementine’s, lemons, oranges)-Firm & heavy for their size. Grapefruit, lemons & oranges can be left out at room temp but last longest when wrapped in a plastic bag & stored in fridge veggie drawer. Clementines are best kept in fridge or a cool, dry spot in a mesh bag or basket so air can circulate. Grapefruit & oranges can last for a day or 2 at room temp, up to 2 weeks in fridge. Lemons can last 2 weeks at room temp & 3 weeks in fridge. Clementines can last for 4-5 days at room temp, up to a week in fridge. raw, broil. Juice & zest.

Turnips-look for small, firm turnips that feel heavy for their size. Store in a cool, well-ventilated storage area. Or warp tightly in a plastic bag & keep in fridge. Use soon after purchase. Will keep for 2 weeks in cool storage & 1 week in fridge. Can be boiled, pureed, roasted, shredded raw or mashed.


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