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Garden Bounty

Garden Bounty peppers & tomatoes
Some yummies from my very own garden! Cucumbers, tomatoes and banana peppers. This was my first year to have an actual garden plot, I usually only have a few container tomatoes.Super exciting and a learning experience and food journey all in one!
Some important things I learned-
1. Do NOT plant sunflowers anywhere near or by a garden. Two fellow gardeners warned me against this but I had already planted the sunflowers as a pretty border for my garden. All seemed well until one day I looked at my cucumbers and they appeared a bit sickly. I continued to water them and they only got worse. Turning yellow, mushy and gross. The sunflower plant was ripped out, but the cucumber vine was not spared it’s poison. Boo.
2. Drought for some plants is best. I planted lavender, rosemary and both did not do very well because the soil was too wet due to the abundance of rain received this year. Oh well. The plants still smelled wonderful.
3. Six of anything is probably too much! I planted six banana pepper plants-oops and all but one did great. I had an abundance of banana peppers and found it is better to leave them on the vine until they are much larger than the ones pictures above. They get pretty big and can be stuffed or enjoyed sauteed with butter.
4. I am no expert when it comes to tomatoes. Quite a few of them had splits in them but still tasted delicious. Near the end of the season they were not doing so well-spotted, mushy and not appetizing. Not sure what happened…
5. Wait. I had a black bean bush that did ok after I found out I needed to leave the bean pods on the bush until they turned brown and dry.
Next year I will be-putting a trellis up for the cucumbers, feeding the tomatoes some calcium (from crushed up egg shells) and NO sunflowers. I am going to plant cherry tomatoes in addition to the big tomatoes. Off to shop some seed catalogs-heritage and heirloom varieties here I come!

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