Word of the Week-Clutter

Clutter-a dirty word, a dirty beast. Clear it out now!

There are many types of clutter-in your home, on your body, on your mind and on your schedule. How you choose to clear, deal or toss the clutter is up to you. Just begin!

Monday-Awareness is the start of any project. Where do you have clutter in your life? Ponder and perhaps make a list.
Tuesday-Is your schedule too full? Do you have a hard time saying no? Choose and eliminate one thing off of your schedule. Do NOT fill the space with anything else!
Wednesday-Are you carrying extra weight that makes you uncomfortable or less-confident? Do ONE thing for your body today to help rid it of clutter.
Thursday-Sit down and write down everything on you need to do. Get it out of your head and onto paper-clear the clutter in your brain!
Friday-Pick a place in your home-a room, a drawer, a closet. Toss something you no longer need form the spaced you chose. Feel openness you created.

Some helpful resources to get you started:
How to Declutter
Dealing with Clutter


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