This was one of the first cabinet purges I did after being diagnosed. It makes me a bit sad seeing these pictures. That food represented so much more than just nourishment. Memories, rewards and baking for those I love. I use food to convey emotion, suppress emotion and enjoy. I eat when I am sad, angry, anxious, happy, joyful, celebratory and (sometimes) when I am hungry. I think it is healthiest to eat when one is hungry and stop when one is full. Do I always follow that handy rule? No, but I try.
I have read different books and they preach that food is only supposed to be fuel, nothing more, nothing less. Is that true? Food is supposed to be pleasureable and nourishing (inside and out), right?! Hmmmm. Food is so much more than a calorie but should it be crutch too? Perhaps, once again, it’s all about balance. Food can be all of those things sometimes, just not all the time. Food can soothe a broken heart, but so can a stroll outside, a long tearful conversation or a good book. I suppose it ultimately comes down to choice, too. What is the best choice for me right now? It’s not baked goods, ice cream, muffins or icing. Maybe it’s a hug from Mr. B, a cuddle with my cute dogs or a journal writing session. So simple on “paper” but the practice of it is tough!
Things to Do Instead of Eating (by a fellow blogger!)

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