Misc Chaos


Part of the fun of sushi is making it yourself. Time to wash your hands (no need to dry them) and get to rolling. This is a fun party thing to do also. Sushi party!!
Nori-can be found in the oriental section of your local supermarket. It’s dried seaweed-so good for you (high in vitamin C).
Rice-there is a specific sushi rice out there you can buy. Sushi rice is meant to be sticky. To get the salt/sweet combination that most sushi has you can use a bit of sweetener & rice vinegar mixed in with the cooked rice. I use brown rice and don’t add the sugar or vinegar.
This particular day I had baby spinach in the fridge, celery & carrots. Some recipes I have read have you blanch the veggies so they aren’t so hard and crunchy. Your choice.
Red Pepper Paste-this stuff is AMAZING! It is pretty spice and since it’s thick it tends to stick to whatever part of your mouth feels the burn the most. Good times. I usually spread a thin layer on some of the nori prior to all of the other ingredients going on top.
I sprinkled the goodies with sesame seeds, just because.
Roll it up, wet the nori to make it stick and slice with a wet knife. It can be a bit messy and take some practice. The bamboo mat helps a bit to get the roll tighter. B is good at this, I am not so great. If I was as good as these people I would have my own sushi shop! I also found a way to make sushi cones. The knife she uses is HUGE! But so much easier!
No raw fish here! Just yummy veggies, rice & sesame seeds. A dip in some soy sauce and into the mouth it goes. Fun food to play with & eat with fingers!


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