Words of Radiance

Word of the Week-Hush

With all the snow this week it only seemed right to have a word that snow can evoke-hush
A hush is over everything, the world is waiting for the spring -Sara Teasdale

Hush- to make silent or quiet. To calm; soothe. The word sounds just like what it means!

Monday-Pay attention to what you say today. If nobody said anything unless he knew what he was talking about, a ghastly hush would descend upon the earth -Alan Herbert

Tuesday-What calms or soothes you? Music, a loved one’s voice, silence? Knowing what calms you can help you seek those moments of hushed peace.

Wednesday-Did you know there is a fictional character named Hush?! He’s an enemy of Batman-who knew ?! There is also a movie and a book by the name, all completely different & unrelated to one another.

Thursday- How is the New Year going so far? Perhaps today would be a good time to check in with yourself.

Friday-Instead of getting angry or yelling a foul word maybe you could whisper hush. What happens?


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