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Blog Reader Purge

Wow! I don’t do anything in just a small way. Below is the list of all the blogs I have been following for the past year (2010) or so. I admire the writers, creative souls typing their thoughts, musings and more for other’s enjoyment. However, I find myself not really taking the time to read them-. Just push the down button while the screen scrolls rapidly through the words and pictures. Sometimes I find inspiration, ideas & insights. I then try to “like” the post, comment, email etc. I find myself spending more time on this than I want and not feeling like much good comes from it. Just another to-do on my never-ending list. A distraction from what’s important, what hurts, what I must do. I have decided to give them up, ‘un-follow’. In an effort to include more AND in my life I will be keeping a few of the following blogs that I thoroughly enjoy. I will savor the words and smile over the pictures. Thoroughly enjoy the small bounty instead of gorging on the buffet.

2AcreFarm-following the “experiences, trials & lives on a small farm in rural Illinois.”

AHolyExperience– A place to find beauty & quiet.

ComfortQueen-A place to kindly find yourself.

Eco-VeganGal– Healthy living for your body & the planet!

My168Hours-by the author of the book 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than you Think

FrugalKiwi-Live well. Spend Less,

LivingtheBalancedLife-8 week journey to living the balanced life

MightyFoods-the who, what, why & how of natural foods

MildlyCreative-Lighten up. It’s only art.

OhJoy-beautiful pictures and inspiration. Author of Creative, Inc. The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business.
PassionateHomemaking-Loving simple, natural & intentional living.

Randy’sBlog– Accept your abundance. Prosperity blog.

TheAnti9to5Guide-Practical career advice for women who thing outside the cube

ZenHabits– Smile, breathe & go slowly.

FullTimeFreedom-Fresh ideas, marketing.

GirlOnBikeWrites-Food, bikes & sustainability.

GlutenFreeGoddess-Gluten free recipes and beautiful pics of the items made

GreenBeesBees-a sewer & knitter & her personal journey to try to be green

GussyingUptheTuttle-a reformed accountant writing about yoga, zen, massage and more.

HarvestGlowSoyCandles-a local soy-candle making business. I LOVE their product!

HomemadeBathProducts-Information and recipes to create your own bath and body products in your very own kitchen!

JoyforLife -a teacher of yoga for real life living.

MoodRaiser-Simple methods for lifting your general feeling of well-being, happiness, optimism, and increasing your positive attitude. Feel good more often, starting today.

Nourish.Create.Bloom– a dietician, wellness coach & artist envisioning the site as an inspirational online multivitamin- a dose of motivation and creativity that nourishes your body and spirit.

RecipeforaGlutenFreeLife-Runs the gamut from easy don’t want to cook nights,to family dinners,to the occasional more complicated recipes. Desserts, kid-friendly & dairy free options,as well as links to other great recipes & blogs are all here.

SheDabbles-Embracing domesticity

Sloup-A monthly soup dinner providing St Louis with artists’ grants

SoapandtheFinerThingsinLife-Soap Queen (aka Anne-Marie Faiola) blog talks about soap, toiletries and all manner of recipes and experiments around making your own goodies. I also muse about being self-employed, women in business, good design, cheese and decadent sweets. It’s a bit of a potluck – enjoy!

TheSoapSister-One woman’s daily quest to create the perfect bar…

ThisisLife-Dcumentary of lifestyle in words, and in photographs. every, single, day is documented. poetic prose in the third person, with simple imagery in soft tones.

WhiteSugarBrownSugar-Making sense of life as a transracial, adoptive family while relishing in the sweet, sugary moments of mommyhood.

Word-The word and world of Jennifer Worick, writer blogger consultant lecturer all-around crafty gal .

YogiIntheMud-These are just my ponderings; things that come up from my practice of yoga asana, pranayama or kriya. Many times they come up during the practice itself and need to come out before I can move on, but often that stuff gets written down.


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