Word of the Week-Super Excited!

I received this email/post from Christine Hassler-an amazing life coach, author & speaker that helps 20-somethings seeking their life’s direction. She inspired me to have this week’s word be about celebrating yourself!

Monday-read her post and watch the cute video: When is the last time you got SUPER excited about being you?
Tuesday-when WAS the last time you got excited about being you? Was it after some big accomplishment? Do you even remember when?
Wednesday-get SUPER EXCITED about being you today. A little dance in front of the mirror, like Jessica did, or a love note written to yourself. Do it now, don’t delay!
Thursday-Read aloud: “I love me!” with enthusiasm and excitement. Repeat, often.
Friday-Spread the excitement-tell others what you are SUPER EXCITED about them!

One thought on “Word of the Week-Super Excited!

  1. I hope I can utilize these words this week. Had a tough sugar weekend, AGAIN, but am trying to stay positive and find something to be “super excited” about. Sigh!

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