Oh the clean and simple joys of plants. The first one I call Samson-he looks like he has been iced. The one in the middle is a lavender plant in California. Smells divine! The third pic is a bunch of succulents at my local Lowe’s store. Something about succulents are so, well, succulent!
Did you know plants are not only good for looking at? There are even some that clean the air.
English ivy-put in kitchen, offsets benzene from gas stove
Chrysanthemum flowers-captures TCE from new paint, benzene from new plastics & formaldehyde from new cabinets/shelves
Spider Plant-furniture, great for office
Corn Plant-formaldehyde from new paper, books, cardboard & press board bookshelves
Azaleas0new carpet or foam furniture
Spider Plants, English Ivies, Dracaenas-into garage 1 plant every 100 ft.
Other plants: Chinese evergreens, golden pothos, Gerbera daisies, bamboo palms, dieffenbachias & peace lilies
Of course, keep in mind the other creatures that live in your home (the four legged furry kind specifically). Check to see which ones are toxic if you have one that likes to gnaw on the greenery!
So, the next time you see a plant, take a sniff and give it a positive cheer. Hurray for plants!


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