Recipe Box

This is my recipe box. There are a lot of recipes in it. Are they quality? Hmmmm
I can’t decide if meat should be out, dairy nixed and sugar gone away with. Hormones, processed foods and artificial flavorings/colorings. Organic, steroid-free, cane sugar. What’s a girl to do?! I wonder about everything I eat. Will this harm me today, tomorrow or years from now? Will the generations after me pay for this food? What is this?!

I recently watched the film Food Matters. (There is also a book: Food Matters by Mark Bittman) It was an ok movie, Mr. B kept falling asleep and when we it was finally over he commented how they only seemed to be talking about Vitamin C. Hmmmm. Despite his occasional snoring, I picked up a few ideas/points from the movie:

Health makes sense, but not cents (money). So true. If we all took personal responsibility for our health rather than blaming it on fast food, doctors and whatever else we use as an excuse, the “health care” (really should be called the sick care) system would be there for emergencies only. Most emergencies could probably be avoided as well if we respected one another, showed courtesy and common sense. Quit running your mouth when it is better to keep it closed (fights prevented, heart attacks and strokes avoided). STOP texting and talking on the phone while driving people-pay attention to the task at hand-the driver’s wheel (car accidents avoided)! Get off your hinney and move it around if you want to lose weight, quit blaming it on this and that. You have choices-you just continue to make the wrong one’s if you are constantly in pain, overweight and unhappy. Deep breath. I digress. A ounce of prevention is worth an pound of cure right?! (Did you know Henry de Bracton said that, I thought it was Ben Franklin or someone like him-tuck that away for future trivia nights folks). Take a stand and make a difference by ceasing the excuses and taking responsibility!

Education not medication The more you know, the more informed your choices can be. Food DOES matter. What we sit down to do 3-6 times a day MATTERS. What car you drive, what shoes you wear and what political side you stand on doesn’t matter near as much as where you dollar goes when purchasing food. Choose less suffering and less processing. We are so privileged as Americans to have an extensive selection of food-can seem overwhelming for sure-but make choices based on YOUR knowledge-knowledge gained from books, movies and more. Talk with others, be a voracious learner and a discerning eater Don’t be spoon fed by the media, advertising and big companies. You are smarter than that and can be healthier than you are!

I have read many books on the topic of food. The one I recommend the most is The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollen. He does and excellent job of giving many sides to a story and encourages you to make the best choice you can with knowledge learned.

I haven’t figured all of these food questions out. Sometimes I buy organic, other times I eat packaged ice cream. I believe life is all about balance-a bit of naught & nice. I just want more people to be AWARE.

Open your eyes and mind before opening your mouth!


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