Sweet Dreams

My sweet dream items-an eye pillow cover, lavender sachet, a little lamb to hold and a satin pillow case. Zzzzzz

Are you sleeping well at night? Here are some ideas to help!

*Bed, Just for Sleeping-train brain to associate bed with sleep. Only get into bed when you are really tired and on the verge of falling asleep. Don’t sit on your bed to watch TV or read a book, place a cushion on the floor instead.
*Darkness-hang up heavy curtains or use an eye mask to block out light.
*Silence-dampen sound with heavy blinds or curtains. Wear ear plugs.
*Comfy mattress & pillows. Replace when the support is gone.
*Fresh air-open the window or run a fan to encourage movement of the air. Stuffy room does not peaceful sleep make.
*Temperature-body likes to cool down during sleep. Lower temp in room before bed to help get body ready for slumber.
*Lavender Dream Pillow-fill a small sachet dried lavender or place a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow. The fragrances of the herbs help you drift into a restful sleep.
*Fun-get (or make) a dream catcher-collects good dreams and deflects bad dreams. Hang above bed.

A great article, complete with poses and ideas from Yoga Journal-Tired & Wired?

Yoga helps to unify the body & mind, bringing the two into peaceful balance. What can beat that for a peaceful night’s sleep?!

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