Misc Chaos

A Favorite Time of Day

The watery whirl of a dishwasher.  Crickets and frogs calling for their friends. A quiet house.

A home picked up (mostly), a clean kitchen, a shiny sink. A clean body and brushed teeth. Thankful for running water.

A sweet baby sleeping soundly in a crib, arms lifted up and legs straight, snoring softly. Mouth open and belly full. Gratitude for the little being and the opportunity to know the babe.

Five dogs pottied and sleeping in various beds. Soft fur stroked. Soaking in their peaceful poses.

Before bed routine completed. A day reviewed. Things learned, things done, people connected with. Appreciation for the growth.

A husband and wife enjoying some quiet moments together before sleep. Whispered “I Love Yous” to all in the house. Heart swollen with so much love.

A smile on lips as eyes close.

A favorite time of day.


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