Words of Radiance

Word of the Week-Aging

I am approaching my thirtieth birthday. It feels like I am going to be “officially” an adult at 30. No more “I was young and dumb and in my 20s” to excuse any dumb decisions I make. Plus, I now have the responsibility of a child. Time to wear my big girl pants full time. But I don’t wanna!!  🙂

Monday-How have you aged? Physically, emotionally and mentally?

Tuesday-What do you like about your maturity? The lines around your eyes that document the hundreds (hopefully millions) of smiles you enjoyed, the creases on your hands from hard work and time in the warm sun, the creak in your bones and joints from the dancing and places you have walked.

Wednesday-Do you plan on aging gracefully? How? Exercise (may I suggest yoga), healthy eating and challenging yourself mentally need to be on the list!

Thursday-Can you think of someone you admire for their ability to age fabulously? I am thinking Sean Connery, Audrey Hepburn and my mother.

Friday-What wisdom have you acquired from age?  Make a list, share it!


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