Inspire · {IRL}

30 Years

Today I “celebrate” my 30th birthday.
3 decades of living on Earth.
I am not ecstatic about this idea.
When I was young, I thought I would be dead by thirty. Thirty being such an advanced age and all.
Well, thankfully I suppose, my young (and obviously very small) brain was wrong.
I just came to say hello to the big 3-O. You’re here, I might as well enjoy the party!

Did some thinking the other night in preparation for this big day. What have I learned in my time here? I started a list, but it turned into a one to two word summary of what happened each year of my life, sometimes with a lesson.
Here it is:
1.-Cry and you shall receive
2. -Everything is mine
3.-Why?! Still my favorite question
4.-ABC’s easy as 123
5.-Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten I should refer to this list more frequently…
6.-School is great-friends, new things to learn. The world is full of wonder!
7.-Favorite teacher-Ms. Bernstein (yes like the bears)
8.-First crush (his name was Daniel, his hair was red, he called me shrimp, nowhere was where it lead)
9.-First peer I looked up to. She had a trashy mouth and smoked-not such a great role model.
10.-Moving. From New Mexico to Illinois. Flat roofs, snotty people. Good times.

11.-New school. Science Fair. Uuugh.
12.-Bullying. Not cool.
13.-Refused to wear jeans.
14.-Freshman year-people don’t change much over a summer.
15.-Algebra and male Juniors-my two favorite things.
16.-Driving. I got my first cell phone then too because I was SOOO horrible at directions.
17.-Possibility. What to do after high school? Flight attendant? Baby Mamma? Vet?
18.-College. Just like everyone else. Boo.
19.-Indecision. College was not the place for me.
20.-Responsibility. Numerous jobs, my own place, juggling it all.
21.-Clubbin it up! Mostly as the designated driver. The one time I wasn’t-I met Mr. B. Coincidence?! I think not!
22.-Military. I never looked good in so much green. They hated my hair. I loved it.
23.-Pet sitting business. Nothing like reality as the best university.
24.-Marriage. Why oh why?!
25.-Home ownership. Clarity Seeking.
26.-Parents moved. Support system 5 hours away.  Diagnosis. Multiple Sclerosis. Tough stuff.
27.-Changes. Lifestyle, eating habits mental state.
28.-Confusion. What am I doing?!
29.-Became a mother. Little E.


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