Quick Craft

While Little Man was busily ensuring future Pampers & Huggies purchases (he must have stock in them or something) I wanted to do something crafty. Since he fills his pants regularly and frequently, time was short.

On a recent trip to the library I picked up the book Simple Times by Amy Sedaris. Hilarious and filled with projects to keep idle hands busy. Fun and funny-what a fabulous combination! Her book includes:
1. Most common crafting accidents-good to know and attempt to avoid
2. Simple glue guide-always important to use the right stuff for the job
3. Stretches in preparation and cool down of crafting-don’t want to injure oneself.

She has a sandpaper rug that would go perfectly in the construction zone that is my basement. It involves crayons coloring the sandpaper to make it “appear to be a woolly rug”. Classic.
Another craft is good for people with bipolar disorder and involves nails that one allows to go rusty and then string together into a wind chime. Another decorative addition for the basement.

I made the Penny Bookmark from . Quick, easy and an effective savings plan!

I need my own CharityRocks website like she has, another project!


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